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Whitney Houston, new song release, GTD and a Life Coach!

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It’s been busy and I have missed you, dear friends! Sometimes, being a working Mommy keeps the pace seemingly beyond my reach.  Many of you may know that I am working on transitioning out of my regular gig (their Social Media policy’s prohibit me from talking about them) and into my own singing, teaching, social media business.  I am truly grateful for the clients and students I have who believe in me and are so encouraging.

My new web page via Weebly is getting really close to it’s unveiling and I just can’t wait!  It’s a lot of work to do it yourself, but the satisfaction of learning and figuring things out are extremely rewarding.  I’m hoping for a March 1st announcement.

My vocal trio, Dangerous Curves just released our newest song,  “Someone To Watch Over Me” arranged by our fab friend, Trini Garza and recorded at E3 Studios.  You can buy it here!  Thursday we had a gig at the South Point, appearing on the Dennis Bono Show! We had the great privilege to share the stage with, Larry Gatlin – singer-songwriter of the Gatlin Brothers, Elisa Fiorillo-Dease – Fabulous Pop Singer Touring with Prince, Traci Kesisian – Beautiful Singer/Actress/Dancer from Broadway and Corrie Sachs – Star of Country Music Super Stars Show and of course, Dennis Bono, himself!

In a completely “keepin’ it real” moment (thanks Randy Jackson, for that phrase I use frequently in my life) I need to GTD faster!  I’m great at list making and using my iPad apps, but sometimes the follow through is lacking.  You know that feeling when you have so much to do, you actually feel immobile?  Or, I get up with great intentions, but the day-to-day business that must be done precludes you from doing what you ACTUALLY want to do? Ugh, frustrating!  Well, I just had a wonderful conversation with a neighbor and new friend and she recommended her life coach to me.  I think I am going to try that out.  I’ll let you know how that works out.

Lastly, I feel the need to comment on Whitney Houston and her FAR to early departure from Earth (although I’m sure the angels are singing with that heavenly voice).  I literally cried when I heard that she had died and then as the details came out, I got angry.  HOW did this happen?!?!  We are all painfully aware of her troubled times with drug and alcohol abuse. But, really, HOW did this happen? Lots of people who love her around, a superstar, lots of money and yet a tortured soul at the end, clearly. I can’t answer how it happened, but it reminded me of a truth that is difficult if not downright tough.  We all make our own choices.  We are responsible for our choices and therefore, the consequences.  Yikes, I kinda hate that.  I’ll be honest with you in a very personal way  (back to “keepin it real”!).  I struggle with my weight, so the fact of the matter is, I need to choose better food, more exercise, etc.  I want more money in my savings account, so I need to spend less, save more and continue to work hard.  Simple.  So do it. “Nuff said.

I am going to remember the Whitney Houston who’s voice inspired me and songs gave so much joy.   The girl who’s National Anthem is my clear standard.  And, a woman whose beauty was inside and out, may she rest in eternal peace…..

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The Holiday season is here, hold on to your $%@!

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Good morning, dear friends.  Sorry for the delay in posting! Now, that November 1st has passed, it’s time to start planning Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas shopping!  I just downloaded the November issue of Martha Stewart in my newsstand for iPad and can’t wait to read it.  I hope it’s before Thanksgiving is over! LOL!

I am so happy to report that the Universe is clearly listening to many of my hopes and dreams! I feel that I am literally running from behind trying to keep up with my dream of transitioning from corporate land to full-time singer, writer and best job of all, Mommy! In the next 5 years (I feel a Jason Robert Brown song coming on!) it is my goal to be fully self-employed and bringing in even more than I do now, which then gives me more time with my sweet Little Man and my fantastic husband. My husband (find him on Twitter at @sincitysinger) has been picking up some of my at-home slack since I am obviously doing ALL my jobs right now and time is at a premium.  He is so supportive and I am so very grateful for his love and help and just want to publicly say so…;-) On to the latest in Chicksinger Land!

I am so fortunate to have added as a client for my Social Media Gal work, Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Walton Montegut of New Contours! He is an absolute genius at his work and everyone needs to know about him!  It has been quite fun to learn about this profession. I knew only a little as a patient who has the occasional botox or laser treatment, but I have to tell you,  the things that are going on in this field are utterly astounding! No wonder the Hollywood girls look so young and lovely! What’s even better is that these surgeries, procedures and treatments are becoming increasingly more affordable.  Plus, there are many options for great, low cost financing.  If you ever wish to visit Dr. Montegut’s office, you may comment here and we can work on getting you VIP treatment! 

I am loving being one of the local mommy bloggers at Nevada Mama, nationally known as Today’s Mama.  For 2012, my goal is to write bi-monthly.  The ladies who write for Today’s Mama are amazing and inspirational women from all over the country! I learn a great deal about being a Mom, family life, writing and SO much more.  They literally affect and influence my life in such a positive way and it is my goal to do that for someone else. You can follow my blog at Nevada Mama, here.

Corporate events, weddings, cocktail parties and teaching voice lessons have been the order of the day with Chicksinger Studios, LLC! In fact, I need to finish up here soon, as I have 3 lovely young ladies today to teach. My students keep my brain thinking and my voice well warmed up! They are eager to learn about music and singing and their enthusiasm is one of the best motivators I know! Next post, I should have a new video to share with you and I can’t wait!

My vocal trio, Dangerous Curves is fully in planning, scheming and dreaming mode! We are in the studio recording our first Christmas CD! It is thrilling in every way to sing with these girls and we are having a ball in the studio! Wait ’till you hear these arrangements! In addition, we have several shows coming up, one of which is especially exciting to me. We are making our LA cabaret debut at  Sterling’s Upstairs at Vitellos on December 4th! We are literally rehearsing every day and once again I can only go back to thanking my family and all the help they are giving me.  I could never do this without them.

It’s the beginning of the Holiday season so let’s eat, drink, be merry and love as much as possible!  Thanks for letting me share my life with you, dears!  It is a privilege and an honor.

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Mommy-Singer-Blogger and God Bless America!

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This Mommy-Singer-Blogger has been up to her proverbial MacBook in work! I have been learning about HTML and creating Facebook Landing Pages. Here’s my new Welcome Page on Facebook! I’ve been writing for my Mommy blog and refining and honing my skills as a writer. Musically, I’m really excited for my upcoming gigs! Learning new material for me really gets the creative juices flowing. I’ve even been working on my Chicksinger Studios logo for new merchandise I will be premiering Memorial Day Weekend in my new Zazzle store!

Mommyland has been its usual vessel of learning and adventure! We’ve had some great family moments this Spring with outings to the Lied Museum, the Sugar Factory at the Paris Hotel and our Spring Fling, a neighborhood party for Easter! I joined my neighborhood Mom’s Club and it has been fantastic. I didn’t really realize just how necessary it is be to be involved with a Mom’s group. Already, the Big Man and I have made some lovely new friends. What’s really great is the fact that we talk a lot about parenting with each other. Its good to know that things are right on track and normal!

I must comment on what has just happened! President Obama just announced the demise of Usama Bin Laden. Our troops got him! Now, listen. I am not going to discuss politics on my blog or my Facebook. I want to talk about my music and writing and being a Mom and about YOU. That being said, I am so grateful to live in a country where I can follow my dreams. God Bless our troops who keep us free and God Bless the United States of America.

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Maggianos and The Curves

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We had the most lovely lunch meeting at Maggiano’s Restaurant at Fashion Show Mall last Tuesday!  First of all, I LOVE that you can valet right near the restaurant on the Nordstrom/Trump Tower side of the mall. You then simply walk to the elevator, jump in and poof!  Second floor, Maggiano’s!   As you can see, the restaurant is on the strip side of the mall, meaning a great view (especially at night).  Lisa has some dietary issues, so the chef came to our table to discuss what he could do for her.  What service!  Our waiter was also fantastic, very attentive and informative and the food was delish!  Even more delish was the company and the conversation!  Dangerous Curves is truly moving far  beyond the typical private gig now and again.  We are in real need of gorgeous PR materials, our CD is nearing post-production and adding new material is in the fore front of our minds.We have decided to add a Friday morning phone meeting to our week, in addition to rehearsals.  This way we can truly concentrate on our art of music during rehearsals and the “business”of art on Fridays.    We are revamping our show with talk of a new opening number, the need to add more uptempo songs and even perhaps the comedic and light-hearted material in order to make our shows truly interesting and well rounded.

Now, will all this happen over-night?  You just never know what will happen when the energies of the 3 of us put our minds and hearts together!
Be sure to check out the Maggiano’s in your neighborhood.  You won’t be sorry!  Have a super curvalicious day!

Super Moon…Super Mom

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Super Moon….Super Mom

Today is the Super Moon and it occurred to me as I was reading about what it is and just what that meant that I am attempting to be,  and occasionally am, a Super Mom!  Luckily for me, it occurs more than every 20-ish years! Lol! Let’s face it, as I am working to become a true “Momprenuer” (my goal is that when the Little Man goes to school, I will be a mostly WAHM) I sometimes wonder when the next time is I get to have more than 5 hours of sleep! Aaah well, that’s another post!
Let me catch you up on some of my endeavors…..
Of course, if you follow me even a little you definitely know I am a Chicksinger! On that front, my first one-woman show moves ever forward and has a new title and 3 new songs! The title I can share with you (the songs are still a secret for now) “The Shoe Must Go On”!  As I walk through my life, I see that the shoes I choose to wear speaks volumes and defines the moment. I can’t wait to share some of life’s most poignant and fun moments with you in music, song  and shoes!
Along with that, my vocal trio, Dangerous Curves is writing a brand new show specifically designed for the cabaret audience. We intend to pull out all the stops, vocally, musically and emotionally. The girls and I want to absolutely engage the audience with our song choices and engulf them in the Dangerous Curves message…”the beauty of music, the strength of self….each woman brings her own take on music, fashion and the pursuit of happiness”…I love that message! 
Now, along with being a singer, I also teach voice lessons and I am so excited that I have recently added a few more students and they are wonderful and inspiring and I love them!
Now, for two announcements that I am especially excited about! First, I am now part of the Today’s Mama blogging family! I am officially the writer for the “Out and About” category for Nevada with my title being the “Chicksinger and Wine and Dine Gal”! A real writing gig! 
Secondly, I am about to be a part of a brand new company that features women who have are techie geeks! LOL! How much fun is that?!  As soon as the official announcement of business name and the other fabulous ladies comes (I’m honored to be included with some of the smartest, tech-ie-est chicks I know!), I’ll post all the 411.
Today is a tough day, too.  Today is the 5th anniversary of my Mom’s passing.  It is really hard to believe it has already been that long.  So much has happened since she left this Earth for the Heavens above…I truly admired, adored and loved my Mom. An inspiration as a woman, wife and mother.  My Mother was the original Super Mom.  I aspire to be even half the woman my Mother was….Mom, I miss you, I love you and I’ll see you again, someday.
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On the road with my Curvy girls! Arizona here we come!

I had a spectacular weekend with my Curvy girls traveling to Arizona to perform our show “Girl Talk” at the Roadhaven Resort.  From start to finish I had a great time talking, drinking wine and singing with the absolute best chicks I know! These girls are so talented and amazingly beautiful inside and out.
We talked about our own personal dreams and goals, made huge plans for Dangerous Curves and sang some of our favorites for the lovely people of Roadhaven.
Our show “Girl Talk” is fully customizable, and we design it to suit our audience.  This version included our “Judy Garland” and “Old Time Radio” medleys, uplifting songs like “How You Live” from Point of Grace, one of our faves “I’m A Woman” from Smokey Joes Cafe and a whole lot more!

At the Roadhaven Resort with Bay West after the show!

Next weekend we are donating our performing selves to The Las Vegas Valley Humane Society.  Click here for more details on their Valentine’s  luncheon and how you can be a part of this wonderful organization!  Not only that, my YouTube channel and Dangerous Curves Youtube channel are close to going live so stay tuned!

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>Road trip to Roadhaven!

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Here we are at 8am and ready to get on the road! 

February starts us off with a road trip to Arizona! It was so much fun to travel together! We made huge plans, bought lottery tickets, drank wine and, of course, performed for the lovely folks of Roadhaven Resort our most popular show, “Girl Talk”!
Our show “Girl Talk” is fully customizable, and we design it to suit our audience.  This version included our “Judy Garland” and “Old Time Radio” medleys, uplifting songs like “How You Live” from Point of Grace, one of our faves “I’m A Woman” from Smokey Joes Cafe and a whole lot more!

The Curves with Bay West of Roadhaven Resort.

We just love these types of shows as they give us the chance to meet our audience! We were treated just beautifully, from help unloading and running our sound, to yummy treats and diet coke back stage! Delish!  Plus, we enjoyed some lovely conversation with each other, which believe us is a treat.  Usually we have business to discuss and songs to rehearse and places to visit, but this time we had 6 hours in the car and then hotel time and uninterrupted wine and talk time!  We even got locked out of the hotel in the pool area! We were enjoying the spa and talking and we lost track of time! Luckily, the front desk guy was able to get us back in safe and sound! Just another Curvy adventure!
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>Happy New Year 2011!

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The Curvy girls wish you a Happy, Blessed and Prosperous New Year!
The Curvy girls are so grateful for all their fans, friends and families!  We could not be following our dreams without you!  
  Whatever road you choose to take this year, may you find peace, joy and great happiness. Follow your dreams, live your life to the fullest and love unconditionally. 
Happy New Year!

>A Jazzy Christmas!

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A Jazzy Christmas Cast Photo 2010

It is only the 2nd week of December and so much has already been accomplished! The biggest news is that my vocal trio, Dangerous Curves produced the Christmas show for the Flamingo LibraryTheatre, “A Jazzy Christmas” and it was an absolute success! We had special guest stars, we had surprise guests, we had a gorgeous set, we sang the Hallelujah chorus! Yes! Its true! Three girls in Las Vegas sang the Hallelujah chorus and rocked the house!
We were so very fortunate to have the Swing City Dolls as one of our guests. They are 3, absolutely adorable girls who do the “vintage” thing in a contemporary way. They sang “Hitch A Ride With Santa” and then we did a fantastic “Santa Medley” featuring each Doll on a favorite song-of-the-season with the Curves on back ups.
We also had the pleasure of having the popular jazz quartet,Fifth Ave sing their amazing versions of Jolly Old Saint Nicholas and Carol of the Bells/My Favorite Things. If you have never heard these men sing, PUT IT ON THE TOP OF YOUR LIST! Their arrangements (Rob Hyatt) are truly magical and the Curves counted ourselves as lucky that they were available to share the stage with us.
Probably, the best moments for me were sharing the stage with our husbands! Yes, its true, all our husbands are awesome singers and truly brought the house down! Michael (Gret’s hubby) sang “Rudy” a jazzy version of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” with all of us on back up duty, Ron (Lisa’s hubby) sang “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch” and my hubby sang “O Holy Night” with all of us on back up as well. The audience couldn’t get enough of our boys and we just loved it!

We made appearances this month at Sam’s Town and Nellis Airforce Base and several private parties and now, its time for a bit of a Christmas break.

All the Curves have lots going on with their solo gigs and family events and of course, our annual Curvy Christmas dinner together! Mmmm, can’t wait for delicious wine and food served up by one of our fave, gluten free place, Maggiannos.

>The Curves at the Four Seasons

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Hello Curvy Friends! We had a great time this week with the ladies of Towne Club at their monthly lunch meeting at the Four Seasons.

This picture was taken in the foyer of the Seasons and the flowers smelled absolutely amazing. From the valet who greeted us and helped us to the ballroom with our things to Lauren (group sales) to Dan (head sound engineer) Max (our fave bellman) the service and atmosphere at the Seasons is impeccable and we look forward to someday being a guest of this lovely hotel. Sooner than later. Please!!!
Anyway, back to the fun of the day, which was of course, performing our show, “Girl Talk” for a room full of women! Lots of pretty outfits and hats and shoes in that room, for sure! We had a great time and our “Sentimental Journey” set, “Judy Garland Medley” and “Moon River” were beautifully received. We work hard at designing shows for each client that is particular to their needs and its clear that we really hit the mark on Tuesday by the amount of hugs received after the show! How lucky are we to be able to sing gorgeous songs, in the middle of the day, at the Four Seasons?! Life is great and we are a grateful trio of Curvy chicksingers…
Follow us on Twitter and check out our webpage for more information on how we can perform for your wedding, corporate event, concert or party! Have a super curvalicious week!