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Whitney Houston, new song release, GTD and a Life Coach!

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It’s been busy and I have missed you, dear friends! Sometimes, being a working Mommy keeps the pace seemingly beyond my reach.  Many of you may know that I am working on transitioning out of my regular gig (their Social Media policy’s prohibit me from talking about them) and into my own singing, teaching, social media business.  I am truly grateful for the clients and students I have who believe in me and are so encouraging.

My new web page via Weebly is getting really close to it’s unveiling and I just can’t wait!  It’s a lot of work to do it yourself, but the satisfaction of learning and figuring things out are extremely rewarding.  I’m hoping for a March 1st announcement.

My vocal trio, Dangerous Curves just released our newest song,  “Someone To Watch Over Me” arranged by our fab friend, Trini Garza and recorded at E3 Studios.  You can buy it here!  Thursday we had a gig at the South Point, appearing on the Dennis Bono Show! We had the great privilege to share the stage with, Larry Gatlin – singer-songwriter of the Gatlin Brothers, Elisa Fiorillo-Dease – Fabulous Pop Singer Touring with Prince, Traci Kesisian – Beautiful Singer/Actress/Dancer from Broadway and Corrie Sachs – Star of Country Music Super Stars Show and of course, Dennis Bono, himself!

In a completely “keepin’ it real” moment (thanks Randy Jackson, for that phrase I use frequently in my life) I need to GTD faster!  I’m great at list making and using my iPad apps, but sometimes the follow through is lacking.  You know that feeling when you have so much to do, you actually feel immobile?  Or, I get up with great intentions, but the day-to-day business that must be done precludes you from doing what you ACTUALLY want to do? Ugh, frustrating!  Well, I just had a wonderful conversation with a neighbor and new friend and she recommended her life coach to me.  I think I am going to try that out.  I’ll let you know how that works out.

Lastly, I feel the need to comment on Whitney Houston and her FAR to early departure from Earth (although I’m sure the angels are singing with that heavenly voice).  I literally cried when I heard that she had died and then as the details came out, I got angry.  HOW did this happen?!?!  We are all painfully aware of her troubled times with drug and alcohol abuse. But, really, HOW did this happen? Lots of people who love her around, a superstar, lots of money and yet a tortured soul at the end, clearly. I can’t answer how it happened, but it reminded me of a truth that is difficult if not downright tough.  We all make our own choices.  We are responsible for our choices and therefore, the consequences.  Yikes, I kinda hate that.  I’ll be honest with you in a very personal way  (back to “keepin it real”!).  I struggle with my weight, so the fact of the matter is, I need to choose better food, more exercise, etc.  I want more money in my savings account, so I need to spend less, save more and continue to work hard.  Simple.  So do it. “Nuff said.

I am going to remember the Whitney Houston who’s voice inspired me and songs gave so much joy.   The girl who’s National Anthem is my clear standard.  And, a woman whose beauty was inside and out, may she rest in eternal peace…..

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Channeling Ann Margaret…cocktails, jazz and Las Vegas!

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I had a fabulous gig on Thursday.  Not only were the clients fantastic, the room was totally amazing! The young soon-to-be-wed couple were hosting a pre-wedding cocktail party to welcome their guests to Las Vegas. Lucky me and my wonderful pianist, Moises were the entertainment for the afternoon.

It was a beautiful duplex suite at Caesars Palace, over 2000 square feet with a lovely black baby grand.  During our sound check, the butler for the room told me that it used to be Ann Margret’s suite and I literally almost fainted! He said she used to sing on the balcony and then parade down the sweeping staircase to greet her guests.  She is totally one of my iconic heroes! That red hair, that voice and THAT FACE!  He told me the list of celebrities who would attend her parties was positively mind boggling.  Of course, visions of Elvis and Frank enjoying a cocktail and conversation, were running through my head as I sang through some of my favorite jazz standards and love songs, new and old.

Its times like this when I remember that I literally live in and sing in,  the coolest, hippest city in the world!

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Mommy-Singer-Blogger and God Bless America!

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This Mommy-Singer-Blogger has been up to her proverbial MacBook in work! I have been learning about HTML and creating Facebook Landing Pages. Here’s my new Welcome Page on Facebook! I’ve been writing for my Mommy blog and refining and honing my skills as a writer. Musically, I’m really excited for my upcoming gigs! Learning new material for me really gets the creative juices flowing. I’ve even been working on my Chicksinger Studios logo for new merchandise I will be premiering Memorial Day Weekend in my new Zazzle store!

Mommyland has been its usual vessel of learning and adventure! We’ve had some great family moments this Spring with outings to the Lied Museum, the Sugar Factory at the Paris Hotel and our Spring Fling, a neighborhood party for Easter! I joined my neighborhood Mom’s Club and it has been fantastic. I didn’t really realize just how necessary it is be to be involved with a Mom’s group. Already, the Big Man and I have made some lovely new friends. What’s really great is the fact that we talk a lot about parenting with each other. Its good to know that things are right on track and normal!

I must comment on what has just happened! President Obama just announced the demise of Usama Bin Laden. Our troops got him! Now, listen. I am not going to discuss politics on my blog or my Facebook. I want to talk about my music and writing and being a Mom and about YOU. That being said, I am so grateful to live in a country where I can follow my dreams. God Bless our troops who keep us free and God Bless the United States of America.

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Super Moon…Super Mom

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Super Moon….Super Mom

Today is the Super Moon and it occurred to me as I was reading about what it is and just what that meant that I am attempting to be,  and occasionally am, a Super Mom!  Luckily for me, it occurs more than every 20-ish years! Lol! Let’s face it, as I am working to become a true “Momprenuer” (my goal is that when the Little Man goes to school, I will be a mostly WAHM) I sometimes wonder when the next time is I get to have more than 5 hours of sleep! Aaah well, that’s another post!
Let me catch you up on some of my endeavors…..
Of course, if you follow me even a little you definitely know I am a Chicksinger! On that front, my first one-woman show moves ever forward and has a new title and 3 new songs! The title I can share with you (the songs are still a secret for now) “The Shoe Must Go On”!  As I walk through my life, I see that the shoes I choose to wear speaks volumes and defines the moment. I can’t wait to share some of life’s most poignant and fun moments with you in music, song  and shoes!
Along with that, my vocal trio, Dangerous Curves is writing a brand new show specifically designed for the cabaret audience. We intend to pull out all the stops, vocally, musically and emotionally. The girls and I want to absolutely engage the audience with our song choices and engulf them in the Dangerous Curves message…”the beauty of music, the strength of self….each woman brings her own take on music, fashion and the pursuit of happiness”…I love that message! 
Now, along with being a singer, I also teach voice lessons and I am so excited that I have recently added a few more students and they are wonderful and inspiring and I love them!
Now, for two announcements that I am especially excited about! First, I am now part of the Today’s Mama blogging family! I am officially the writer for the “Out and About” category for Nevada with my title being the “Chicksinger and Wine and Dine Gal”! A real writing gig! 
Secondly, I am about to be a part of a brand new company that features women who have are techie geeks! LOL! How much fun is that?!  As soon as the official announcement of business name and the other fabulous ladies comes (I’m honored to be included with some of the smartest, tech-ie-est chicks I know!), I’ll post all the 411.
Today is a tough day, too.  Today is the 5th anniversary of my Mom’s passing.  It is really hard to believe it has already been that long.  So much has happened since she left this Earth for the Heavens above…I truly admired, adored and loved my Mom. An inspiration as a woman, wife and mother.  My Mother was the original Super Mom.  I aspire to be even half the woman my Mother was….Mom, I miss you, I love you and I’ll see you again, someday.
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>Glitter Graphics

Happy New Year Glitter Pictures

Manifesto. What a fabulous, encompassing, passionate word. I actually didn’t know the proper definition which is “public declaration” (thank you,, once again).  A perfect word for New Year’s Resolutions and also a way to keep yourself on track.  It has been a tough couple years financially and personally with my weight and health giving me issues and my career not on the track I want it to be.  
So, without further ado, here are my 2011 goals, dreams, desires, affirmations and resolutions! 
I meditate or pray, give thanks and do my journaling, about and for, all my blessings daily.
I practice my music 30 minutes a day, with extra time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This includes working on my patter and taking Lina’s cabaret class.
I network and write a newsletter about my music (my show, my band, my vocal trio). I am brave and self-confident and it gets me a ton of work!
I work on my alternate streams of income. My chicksinger t-shirts, my CD, my social media work and my studies as a sommelier. 
I make $X amount every month (some things are just private).
I power walk to my new program 4X a week.
I juice and green smoothie it 5X or more a week.
By year’s end, I weigh X amount. (private as well)
I am a loving, positive, happy wife to my husband and a loving, patient, positive, energy-filled Mom to my son.
I am careful to only use words that are positive and loving to myself and those around me. I stand up for myself and believe in myself and the gifts God has loaned to me while I am here on Earth.
Many of these I do already, but not with any sort of regularity and consistency, which is clearly the reason I am not succeeding the way I want to be succeeding! Feel free to comment, ask questions and check in on me!  It will quickly become obvious if I am working my resolutions, which is why I have decided to share with you. 
It is hard to believe that this is the last post of 2010! Where has this year gone?! It has most definitely been filled with some exciting moments both professionally and personally. My husband and son bring me so much happiness and love and they teach me to be a better human being daily. My vocal trio, Dangerous Curves, did some fantastic work this year (a festival, produced a Christmas show, etc.) and next year we will be debuting our second CD and debuting our cabaret show. My work as a solo artist is becoming quite exciting (ok, yesterday, I had a meeting on material that was absolutely inspiring!) and I have lots planned to share with you.  As always, it my honor and absolute joy to share my music with you. May 2011, bring us all we dream of and desire. Let’s work hard and enjoy the ride together! 
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>Muse of the month…Rosemary Clooney

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It has been an inspiring week of music for Dennis and I. We have been rewriting one of our shows for a private event we are doing at the end of the month.  They would like all  of the songs to be from the Great American Songbook, the 20’s through the 40’s.  Honestly, I really had no idea the amount of material and actually what songs are on that list!  Many of these songs are already favorites of mine, but some new gems are “Blame It On My Youth”, “Fly Me To The Moom” and probably my newest fave song, “White Cliffs of Dover”.  It is one of those rare songs that as soon as you hear it, you are immediately brought to the emotional place for which it was written.  Add to that, Rosemary Clooney’s rendition and it truly becomes magical.  
We have our work cut out for us to capture the true essence of the Great American Songbook.  It will definitely be a labor of love….
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