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New Blog location!

In jazz singer on December 30, 2012 at 10:10 pm

Hello dear friends! I have now moved my blog to! If you have followed this blog, please take note of the new web address and come on over and say hey! New post going up tomorrow! ūüėČ See you there!

Much love and friendship!



Dangerous Curves 2012

In jazz singer on December 22, 2012 at 5:33 pm

Star of Wonder, Dangerous Curves, Las Vegas

Star of Wonder, Dangerous Curves, Las VegasStar of Wonder, Dangerous Curves, Las VegasDangerous Curves, 2012…it has truly been one of the most sensational years in Dangerous Curves history. And, while our history is rather short (should we simply say new?), it has been filled with the love and support of family and friends. However, we never dreamed just how much support we would literally see and feel than when we did our first Dangerous Curves, Indiegogo campaign. Crowd-funding?! That’s for big stars and artists with HUGE email lists and…well, you know…right? NO! We really didn’t know the depth and scope of your huge and generous hearts!¬†

The above pictures show the fruition of that generosity in our sophomore CD called “Star of Wonder”, now available on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and of course, physical copies available by simply emailing us at dangerous

broadway world, cabaret, jazz singer las vegas

If that wasn’t enough, we have been nominated for “Best Cabaret Artist – Female” for the West Coast! WHAT?! We couldn’t be happier! If you have a moment, would you go and vote for us? Here’s the¬†link to vote,¬†¬†you must complete the voting process in order for your vote to count.¬†

2012. A year filled with new fans and friends, performances, nominations, our newest CD and best of all, the absolute knowledge, that someone is listening. Someone really cares about us and knows us and loves us. Friends, we love you, too. Enjoy your holidays and we wish you a most happy and joyous New Year.

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Buckles Wedding at the Bellagio

In jazz singer on May 3, 2012 at 7:29 pm

Buckles Wedding at the Bellagio

Karen Michaels Chicksinger with fabulous bride and groom, Christy and Mark!

Spring is here and so is my new webpage! A special note on Wedding Song choices..

In jazz singer on March 23, 2012 at 6:02 pm

I’m sitting at my kitchen table drinking some delish Donut Shop (I LOVE my Keurig!) with The Ellen Show on in the background (Kristin Chenoweth is on!! who do I love more?!) and I am taking a bit of a break from my music. ¬†You see, I have been up since 6am and I have done so much already! Now, before you think I am TOTALLY amazing for getting up early to GTD, I actually had to get up early to warm up my voice for an on-air radio interview! Shut up, that is SO fun and my first one ever!¬†

One of my current clients’ are getting married in April. ¬†I first met them when the groom hired me to sing for his surprise marriage proposal in front of the Bellagio Fountains! Read more about that day, here.¬† They are the on-air talent for K105 and today we had a conversation over the airwaves! ¬†I was so nervous, but Mark led the interview perfectly and it was a total blast! Here’s the link to the interview, my portion starts at about 23:09. They are the sweetest couple and I am so impressed at how much effort they are putting into choosing their wedding music! ¬†I only wish everyone would do that! ¬†Brides and Grooms, take note! This is your special day! ¬†I know that you may not realize just how important your music choices are, but they can truly shape your whole event. ¬†Sit down together with a glass of wine and your iTunes playlist and really THINK about the songs that represent the two of you and your journey of love. ¬†Many times, even your guests will remember a special moment simply by hearing the song associated with it and that makes your ceremony or reception even more memorable. ¬† Look at these fabulous and unique song choices! I cannot wait to sing these songs for them!¬†Image

Spring is here and the weather is so amazing and it is inspiring me to do some literal and figurative Spring cleaning. Yes, I’m cleaning out my pantry and throwing away or donating to a food bank all the food that does not fit into a healthy lifestyle. We are also going to work on the garage as I am going to park INSIDE my garage! Is this you, too?! Lol! A girl can dream! ¬†Lastly, I am so happy to announce my new webpage! ¬†¬†Now, I’ll be honest and tell you that it still needs work and it will continue to be a work in progress. ¬†Time to be brave and put things out there! Take a moment and visit my new site and feel free to leave me constructive criticism! Enjoy a wonderful weekend, take advantage of this gorgeous weather! Breathe deeply, love your family and listen to some great music!¬†

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Whitney Houston, new song release, GTD and a Life Coach!

In cd, chicksinger, dangerous curves, female jazz trio, gigs, jazz singer, jazz trio, Karen Michaels, performing, recording studio, weight loss on February 17, 2012 at 10:02 pm

It’s been busy and I have missed you, dear friends! Sometimes, being a working Mommy keeps the pace seemingly beyond my reach. ¬†Many of you may know that I am working on transitioning out of my regular gig (their Social Media policy’s prohibit me from talking about them) and into my own singing, teaching, social media business. ¬†I am truly grateful for the clients and students I have who believe in me and are so encouraging.

My new web page via Weebly is getting really close to it’s unveiling and I just can’t wait! ¬†It’s a lot of work to do it yourself, but the satisfaction of learning and figuring things out are extremely rewarding. ¬†I’m hoping for a March 1st announcement.

My vocal trio, Dangerous Curves just released our newest song, ¬†“Someone To Watch Over Me” arranged by our fab friend, Trini Garza and recorded at E3 Studios. ¬†You can buy it here! ¬†Thursday we had a gig at the South Point, appearing on the Dennis Bono Show! We had the great privilege to share the stage with,¬†Larry Gatlin – singer-songwriter of the Gatlin Brothers,¬†Elisa Fiorillo-Dease¬†– Fabulous Pop Singer Touring with Prince,¬†Traci Kesisian – Beautiful Singer/Actress/Dancer from Broadway and Corrie Sachs – Star of Country Music Super Stars Show and of course, Dennis Bono, himself!

In a completely “keepin’ it real” moment (thanks Randy Jackson, for that phrase I use frequently in my life) I need to GTD faster! ¬†I’m great at list making and using my iPad apps, but sometimes the follow through is lacking. ¬†You know that feeling when you have so much to do, you actually feel immobile? ¬†Or, I get up with great intentions, but the day-to-day business that must be done precludes you from doing what you ACTUALLY want to do? Ugh, frustrating!¬† Well, I just had a wonderful conversation with a neighbor and new friend and she recommended her life coach to me. ¬†I think I am going to try that out. ¬†I’ll let you know how that works out.

Lastly, I feel the need to comment on Whitney Houston and her FAR to early departure from Earth (although I’m sure the angels are singing with that heavenly voice). ¬†I literally cried when I heard that she had died and then as the details came out, I got angry. ¬†HOW did this happen?!?! ¬†We are all painfully aware of her troubled times with drug and alcohol abuse. But, really, HOW did this happen? Lots of people who love her around, a superstar, lots of money and yet a tortured soul at the end, clearly. I can’t answer how it happened, but it reminded me of a truth that is difficult if not downright tough. ¬†We all make our own choices. ¬†We are responsible for our choices and therefore, the consequences. ¬†Yikes, I kinda hate that. ¬†I’ll be honest with you in a very personal way ¬†(back to “keepin it real”!). ¬†I struggle with my weight, so the fact of the matter is, I need to choose better food, more exercise, etc. ¬†I want more money in my savings account, so I need to spend less, save more and continue to work hard. ¬†Simple. ¬†So do it. “Nuff said.

I am going to remember the Whitney Houston who’s voice inspired me and songs gave so much joy. ¬†¬†The girl who’s National Anthem is my clear standard. ¬†And, a¬†woman whose beauty was inside and out, may she rest in eternal peace…..

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