The Holiday season is here, hold on to your $%@!

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Good morning, dear friends.  Sorry for the delay in posting! Now, that November 1st has passed, it’s time to start planning Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas shopping!  I just downloaded the November issue of Martha Stewart in my newsstand for iPad and can’t wait to read it.  I hope it’s before Thanksgiving is over! LOL!

I am so happy to report that the Universe is clearly listening to many of my hopes and dreams! I feel that I am literally running from behind trying to keep up with my dream of transitioning from corporate land to full-time singer, writer and best job of all, Mommy! In the next 5 years (I feel a Jason Robert Brown song coming on!) it is my goal to be fully self-employed and bringing in even more than I do now, which then gives me more time with my sweet Little Man and my fantastic husband. My husband (find him on Twitter at @sincitysinger) has been picking up some of my at-home slack since I am obviously doing ALL my jobs right now and time is at a premium.  He is so supportive and I am so very grateful for his love and help and just want to publicly say so…;-) On to the latest in Chicksinger Land!

I am so fortunate to have added as a client for my Social Media Gal work, Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Walton Montegut of New Contours! He is an absolute genius at his work and everyone needs to know about him!  It has been quite fun to learn about this profession. I knew only a little as a patient who has the occasional botox or laser treatment, but I have to tell you,  the things that are going on in this field are utterly astounding! No wonder the Hollywood girls look so young and lovely! What’s even better is that these surgeries, procedures and treatments are becoming increasingly more affordable.  Plus, there are many options for great, low cost financing.  If you ever wish to visit Dr. Montegut’s office, you may comment here and we can work on getting you VIP treatment! 

I am loving being one of the local mommy bloggers at Nevada Mama, nationally known as Today’s Mama.  For 2012, my goal is to write bi-monthly.  The ladies who write for Today’s Mama are amazing and inspirational women from all over the country! I learn a great deal about being a Mom, family life, writing and SO much more.  They literally affect and influence my life in such a positive way and it is my goal to do that for someone else. You can follow my blog at Nevada Mama, here.

Corporate events, weddings, cocktail parties and teaching voice lessons have been the order of the day with Chicksinger Studios, LLC! In fact, I need to finish up here soon, as I have 3 lovely young ladies today to teach. My students keep my brain thinking and my voice well warmed up! They are eager to learn about music and singing and their enthusiasm is one of the best motivators I know! Next post, I should have a new video to share with you and I can’t wait!

My vocal trio, Dangerous Curves is fully in planning, scheming and dreaming mode! We are in the studio recording our first Christmas CD! It is thrilling in every way to sing with these girls and we are having a ball in the studio! Wait ’till you hear these arrangements! In addition, we have several shows coming up, one of which is especially exciting to me. We are making our LA cabaret debut at  Sterling’s Upstairs at Vitellos on December 4th! We are literally rehearsing every day and once again I can only go back to thanking my family and all the help they are giving me.  I could never do this without them.

It’s the beginning of the Holiday season so let’s eat, drink, be merry and love as much as possible!  Thanks for letting me share my life with you, dears!  It is a privilege and an honor.

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  1. FABULOUS post, as always! You are one busy lady, and ALWAYS an inspiration…glad I get to be a little part of your busy, wonderful world. See ya at rehearsal!!! 🙂

    • hey thanks for reading especially so early! I guess when I set the time it was Eastern! LOL! anyway, I’m the lucky one to have YOU in my life! See you in a few! 😉

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