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Summer in Sin City!

In jazz singer on August 29, 2011 at 8:26 am

What an amazing summer this Chicksinger has had!!! Where to begin….mmm….I know! I joined an ultra-cool group on Facebook and I really believe that it has been instrumental in many things occurring so let’s start there…

I was immensely fortunate to come across Nancy Tierney and her coaching and mentoring system called “Just An Hour”.  Based on the concept of focusing an hour a day on your project, it has really been a great asset for me.  Not only have I made some new lovely online friends, but I made real and noticeable progress towards my goals! It begins again in September and if you have a dream and you need some nudges, sign up right away here!  See you there!

So what sort of things have I been up to, you may ask, and just how did focusing an hour a day help?

Let’s see, my girl group Dangerous Curves took new PR pics and we are rehearsing our first cabaret show to be debuted at Sterling’s Upstairs At Vitellos! Here’s our flyer:

Whatcha think?! Thanks to the oh-so-amazing Lisa Smith for making the flyer like only she can! Check out her Lovin Jazz blog!

Dangerous Curves sang at Jim Caruso’s Cast Party in Vegas this past week and it was a ball! We got to sing “Cloudburst” and “I’m A Woman” and I am so happy it went really well!  The load of talent in this town is really unbelievable.  The highlight for me, however,  was the fact that my husband, Dennis was totally and completely a hit! He sang the hilarious Marcy and Zina song “The Morning After”.  He is one talented man…love you, babe!  Jim Caruso and Billy Stritch are a terrific-ly talented duo of boundless energy and fun! They will be returning to Sin City in September and we already can’t wait!

I’ve been working hard on my solo career as well, learning new tunes, practicing piano,  choosing material for my upcoming 2012 CD and this month’s gigs were proof positive that all this practice is really worth it!

I have a feeling this one may go down as one of my all time fave gigs ever! I was contracted to sing in front of the Bellagio Fountains with the fab guitarist, Rick Chavez, for a surprise proposal! Seriously?! It was SO romantic and she was completely surprised and everyone was clapping and cheering and it was one of those “ahhhh” moments in life that you feel privileged to be a part of.  Today, I sang with Fifth Ave!  I mean really, this is like a dreamy week of singing! Fifth Ave is a vocal jazz, du wop, harmony foursome and absolutely one of my favorite vocal groups ever.  And, they are my friends.  Here we are moments before the show (Jeff is the forehead only) I’m just wondering how one Chicksinger got so lucky?!

Oh right! It all comes back to my “Just An Hour” group, doesn’t it? Now, of course, I did put in the work and wrote out my affirmations and such.  But something tells me, the Universe is listening to all my thoughts and prayers and put all this cool stuff right in front of me….THANK YOU,  GOD!!! 🙂 Happy end-of-summer dear friends!