Channeling Ann Margaret…cocktails, jazz and Las Vegas!

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I had a fabulous gig on Thursday.  Not only were the clients fantastic, the room was totally amazing! The young soon-to-be-wed couple were hosting a pre-wedding cocktail party to welcome their guests to Las Vegas. Lucky me and my wonderful pianist, Moises were the entertainment for the afternoon.

It was a beautiful duplex suite at Caesars Palace, over 2000 square feet with a lovely black baby grand.  During our sound check, the butler for the room told me that it used to be Ann Margret’s suite and I literally almost fainted! He said she used to sing on the balcony and then parade down the sweeping staircase to greet her guests.  She is totally one of my iconic heroes! That red hair, that voice and THAT FACE!  He told me the list of celebrities who would attend her parties was positively mind boggling.  Of course, visions of Elvis and Frank enjoying a cocktail and conversation, were running through my head as I sang through some of my favorite jazz standards and love songs, new and old.

Its times like this when I remember that I literally live in and sing in,  the coolest, hippest city in the world!

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  1. Love, love, LOVE the blog post…and, of course, completely jealous that you got to do such a FAB gig!!! Lol…JK. Totally happy for you…love you lots! 🙂

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