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Maggianos and The Curves

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We had the most lovely lunch meeting at Maggiano’s Restaurant at Fashion Show Mall last Tuesday!  First of all, I LOVE that you can valet right near the restaurant on the Nordstrom/Trump Tower side of the mall. You then simply walk to the elevator, jump in and poof!  Second floor, Maggiano’s!   As you can see, the restaurant is on the strip side of the mall, meaning a great view (especially at night).  Lisa has some dietary issues, so the chef came to our table to discuss what he could do for her.  What service!  Our waiter was also fantastic, very attentive and informative and the food was delish!  Even more delish was the company and the conversation!  Dangerous Curves is truly moving far  beyond the typical private gig now and again.  We are in real need of gorgeous PR materials, our CD is nearing post-production and adding new material is in the fore front of our minds.We have decided to add a Friday morning phone meeting to our week, in addition to rehearsals.  This way we can truly concentrate on our art of music during rehearsals and the “business”of art on Fridays.    We are revamping our show with talk of a new opening number, the need to add more uptempo songs and even perhaps the comedic and light-hearted material in order to make our shows truly interesting and well rounded.

Now, will all this happen over-night?  You just never know what will happen when the energies of the 3 of us put our minds and hearts together!
Be sure to check out the Maggiano’s in your neighborhood.  You won’t be sorry!  Have a super curvalicious day!