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Manifesto. What a fabulous, encompassing, passionate word. I actually didn’t know the proper definition which is “public declaration” (thank you,, once again).  A perfect word for New Year’s Resolutions and also a way to keep yourself on track.  It has been a tough couple years financially and personally with my weight and health giving me issues and my career not on the track I want it to be.  
So, without further ado, here are my 2011 goals, dreams, desires, affirmations and resolutions! 
I meditate or pray, give thanks and do my journaling, about and for, all my blessings daily.
I practice my music 30 minutes a day, with extra time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This includes working on my patter and taking Lina’s cabaret class.
I network and write a newsletter about my music (my show, my band, my vocal trio). I am brave and self-confident and it gets me a ton of work!
I work on my alternate streams of income. My chicksinger t-shirts, my CD, my social media work and my studies as a sommelier. 
I make $X amount every month (some things are just private).
I power walk to my new program 4X a week.
I juice and green smoothie it 5X or more a week.
By year’s end, I weigh X amount. (private as well)
I am a loving, positive, happy wife to my husband and a loving, patient, positive, energy-filled Mom to my son.
I am careful to only use words that are positive and loving to myself and those around me. I stand up for myself and believe in myself and the gifts God has loaned to me while I am here on Earth.
Many of these I do already, but not with any sort of regularity and consistency, which is clearly the reason I am not succeeding the way I want to be succeeding! Feel free to comment, ask questions and check in on me!  It will quickly become obvious if I am working my resolutions, which is why I have decided to share with you. 
It is hard to believe that this is the last post of 2010! Where has this year gone?! It has most definitely been filled with some exciting moments both professionally and personally. My husband and son bring me so much happiness and love and they teach me to be a better human being daily. My vocal trio, Dangerous Curves, did some fantastic work this year (a festival, produced a Christmas show, etc.) and next year we will be debuting our second CD and debuting our cabaret show. My work as a solo artist is becoming quite exciting (ok, yesterday, I had a meeting on material that was absolutely inspiring!) and I have lots planned to share with you.  As always, it my honor and absolute joy to share my music with you. May 2011, bring us all we dream of and desire. Let’s work hard and enjoy the ride together! 
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