>Summer of 2010…It’s Over?!

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Stella & Dot Launch Trunk Show!
after the show!

Honestly, it is astounding that Labor Day is NEXT weekend.  Equally astounding is the fact that we went back-to-school shopping this week because the Little Man is starting preschool next week.  What?!  Time is flying by and I am trying to be present and in the moment, everyday of my life.  I am striving to be a shining example of living my dreams so that the Little Man knows that he can do and be,  whatever he wants to be.
This summer I decided to become a Stella & Dot stylist!  It is fun and stylish and is allowing me to have more time to concentrate on what’s important, my family and my music.  If you would like to be even more stylish than you already are ( and I know ALL my friends are super stylish!) click here to see this gorgeous and affordable line. You can shop online!  How fun is that?!
The Little Man asked if he could go to preschool (we are guessing Caillou was instrumental in that), so not only did he have to become potty trained, he had to count to 5 and know some colors and shapes.  I am the luckiest Mommy in the world because this child pretty much became potty trained overnight!  He is so excited to meet new friends and go to school.  Please God, let that sentiment continue. 
It was the summer of creativity with many of my oh-so-talented friends putting on some fantastic shows.  Fifth Ave (Rob Hyatt, Jerry Jones, Bryce Robinson and Jeff Celentano) was the headliner at the SunCoast in June and they were nothing less than spectacular!  The arrangements these boys sing (thank you, Rob Hyatt) are both musically complex and sound gorgeous.  With Bill Fayne as the musical director,  fab musicians from the acclaimed Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns, Jamie Hosmer (keys), and Lenny Lopez (percussion), with Jozef Bobula (bass), John Wedemeyer (guitar) and Mike Mechem (drums), how could you go wrong!?  
One of the Curves and one of my dearest, Lisa and her hubby Ron, wrote produced and performed an original broadway revue, “Back to Broadway”.  The stage setting looked awesome and two show highlights for me were, “The Song That Goes Like This”  from Spamalot (who knew Ron could “throw” his hair!) and “Therapy”  from Tick, Tick Boom.  Well sung and well performed.  It was absolutely fantastic and we are so proud of them!
Dangerous Curves is moving towards entering the cabaret world and we couldn’t be more excited!  We are looking at original songs, songs from Glee, we interviewed a perspective MD and more.  I predict an amazing 2011 for the Curves!
My show, (working title, “Walkin’ Thru Life in My Jimmy Choos) is actually (and finally!) coming together.  The hubs and I are writing this show together and I am so excited because not only is Den a fabulous performer, he has some unbelievable ideas for me!  Look for this debut in early 2011.
Friends, it is good to have you in my life and I look forward to a fall and holiday season filled with love and laughter and beautiful music.
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  1. >I feel honored to be your first comment response. You seem to have a wonderful life and I am truly happy for you and your family. Enjoy the little one while you can as mine are all grown now and more grandkids on the way. Take Care Karen.

  2. >thanks, Don! I really appreciate your comment and your thoughts! 🙂 congrats on those lovely grandkids…

  3. >You know, you could write a book 😉 maybe something along the lines of raising a child with an amazing husband and performing at the same time??

  4. >Reanna banana you are awesome! 🙂

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