>"Girl Talk" and Courage

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Its funny when things are really in sync.  The last 2 weeks have been absolutely brimming with activity for my vocal trio, Dangerous Curves, which means I have been one busy Chicksinger.  
Last night we performed to a nearly full house at the Starbright Theatre in Las Vegas.  It was a completely self-written, self-produced and self-promoted show.  Now, this is not to say we didn’t have help.  Of course, we did!  The theatre has a number of regulars, so they sent out a press release, our families and friends who ran errands or helped that day with backstage or filming, a few of our super talented friends wrote arrangements for us, things like that.  But for the last 4 months, the girls and I have met 2-3 times a week, rehearsing songs, working on new ideas, staging, doing all the social media marketing, etc.  Then, in the last 2 weeks, in addition to rehearsals which now included our musical director and band, we did 2 live performances to promote ourselves as well.  Holy Moly!  What a huge amount of work and sacrifice, time and money.   It also took a great deal of courage, which happens to be the Sunday Scribblings writing prompt for the weekend!  Synchronicity!  You gotta love it.
Funny thing is, now that this project is over, we (the girls)are taking 2 weeks off to catch up on our personal lives and bask in the glow of our awesome endeavor. I am so happy with the work we did (I even did a comedy song!) and very proud of the girls as they were absolutely fantastic!  
I have several pet projects waiting in the wings and now that I will have the time, I am wondering,  will I have the courage to pursue these personal and oh-so-important dreams and goals?  
I would have to say, based on the accomplishment just realized, all I need to do, is jump in with both feet and all my curves and success will be inevitable!  Here’s to a rockin’ summer! 

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