>Menopause the Musical, Dangerous Curves and more!

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It was my distinct pleasure along with Dangerous Curves to perform as the spotlight guest on Thursday afternoon with some of the ladies from Menopause The Musical (currently playing at the Luxor Hotel) at the lovely Suncoast Hotel and Casino.  The Curves love performing there as the audience is welcoming and fun and the stage is beautiful.  
There was certainly a lot of chicksingers present as the hostess for the afternoon was Ms. Skye Miles and the featured performers were some of the ladies from her cast of Menopause.  Laura Lee O’Connell, Annette Verdelino and Lori Legacy rounded out the talent filled afternoon.  These girls are not only great singers, but also fabulous actresses and awesome girls and loads of fun backstage.  And, let me tell you, Ms. Skye Miles is one helluva singer and did a wonderful job hosting. 
On Saturday, we had a great rehearsal with one of our special guest stars, 5th Ave.  Rob Hyatt has arranged an absolutely killer version of God Bless America for us and them to perform at our show on Saturday, May 8th.  Yes! It’s 6 parts!!! OMG, people, it is gorgeous.  Rob is like arranger extraordinaire and I am so excited to have him around us!
It’s now just 6 days until our show at the Starbright and I can’t wait!  Next post, I’ll fill you in on all the happenings!
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