In gigmasters, lisa smith, positive thinking on April 25, 2010 at 3:46 am


I am thrilled to write a quick word on the fact that I have joined the ranks of performers at the online booking site called Gigmasters!  Click to see my fabulous new profile and all the shows I offer.  I am really excited!
They are organized by type of entertainment, type of event, place of origin, etc.  I am listed primarily as a “jazz singer” with sub-categories like, “big band singer”, “40’s singer”, “cabaret singer”, you get the picture.  You may upload video and audio and of course, a bio about the type of entertainment you offer.  I have been working on it all afternoon.  I have a lot done, but my husband is going to help me with video clips this week, so they’ll be up later.  They have a huge database that comes up quickly and easily in Google, so people can find you to entertain for their event!  
I am really put things to the Universe that I am ready, willing and able to do what I was put here on Earth to do. Perform, of course!  Gotta go!  I’ve got to get my new gig book put together!  
I must give a big huge shout out to Lisa Smith, who has been MOST encouraging and most helpful and all around the kind of friend you would be lucky to have.  Not to mention, talent-Full!!!  🙂
Check me out at and Twitter too!  

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