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>Spring cleaning-in my head, heart and home!

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It’s been a rough couple of weeks in Karenland.  Which, of course, means I did learn a few things.  There has been quite a bit of pressure at the straight gig, and although I do sing there, its not like a regular gig.  Very corporate is the best explanation I can give without going into what’s happening to me there.  Everyone has tough weeks at their straight job, I know.  But , it doesn’t make it any easier to get through.  And, I have decided to use what’s going on as impetus to get my booty in high gear!  
Now, the good news is that all of this is my choice!  I can choose to stay unhappy in this or I can take all the steps I need to take to get out and move on and still take care of my family!  Obviously, that doesn’t mean all these choices are easy.  I can already think of a few that are tough.  Perhaps its those tough choices and challenges that will make the winning so very sweet.  
One of the best things I heard this week was from a friend who, while we were enjoying a glass of one of our favorite Chardonnay said, “You are the average sum of the 5 people you hang around the most”.  Her boyfriend heard this quote at a seminar he was attending.  Wow.  We sat there determining who we spent the most time with and we had to account for the people we work with and ugh!  Not really spending time with loving, caring and uplifting people as much as we thought!  Back to those hard choices!  
Tomorrow is the first of March and the signs of Spring are everywhere here in Las Vegas.  Time to make great choices, do some Spring cleaning in the head and heart and home and spend time with those who lift us up!  
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>The Curves at the Four Seasons

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Hello Curvy Friends! We had a great time this week with the ladies of Towne Club at their monthly lunch meeting at the Four Seasons.

This picture was taken in the foyer of the Seasons and the flowers smelled absolutely amazing. From the valet who greeted us and helped us to the ballroom with our things to Lauren (group sales) to Dan (head sound engineer) Max (our fave bellman) the service and atmosphere at the Seasons is impeccable and we look forward to someday being a guest of this lovely hotel. Sooner than later. Please!!!
Anyway, back to the fun of the day, which was of course, performing our show, “Girl Talk” for a room full of women! Lots of pretty outfits and hats and shoes in that room, for sure! We had a great time and our “Sentimental Journey” set, “Judy Garland Medley” and “Moon River” were beautifully received. We work hard at designing shows for each client that is particular to their needs and its clear that we really hit the mark on Tuesday by the amount of hugs received after the show! How lucky are we to be able to sing gorgeous songs, in the middle of the day, at the Four Seasons?! Life is great and we are a grateful trio of Curvy chicksingers…
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