>Dangerous Curves checks out Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns

In santa fe and the fat city horns, stargazer productions, the palms on July 22, 2009 at 8:40 pm

>The Curves and Jennifer Vigiletti and Jerry Jones with some of the members of Santa Fe-Jerry Lopez, Jamie Hosmer and Michael Gonzalez.
The frontline vocals from Monday night!
The Curves are enjoying a short summer break and met up with friends on Monday night to check out the local band, Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns at the Palms in The Lounge. We were absolutely captivated by this stunning show of outstanding voices, musicians and performances. These guys have the exciting sound of Tower of Power, blended with the contemporary arrangements and vocal harmonies of today. The arrangement of the Beatles song, “Come Together” was positively thrilling! We feel so energized and inspired to work on some of our newest arrangements. Thanks, guys!!! The whole evening was made even more enjoyable by sharing it with some of our nearest and dearest friends, Jen and Todd Vigiletti, producers,Stargazer Productions, out of Orange County, CA and husbands all around. By the way, we are so proud that Gret’s husband, Michael, is a regular in the band! All in all, a perfect evening of stellar music and the ones we love! How could a hot summer night get any better?! Don’t forget to check out our page on facebook and become a fan! We’d love to hear from you!

photo credits-my husband, Dennis and the gentlemen who runs the Santa fe blog, Bobby Gladd!

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