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The Curves had another fabulous day of a really fantastic week!  Today, we had the honor and pleasure to perform one of our songs (probably one of our most requested) Moonriver, with the Oh-So-Fabulous Kellie Wright!  She did her cabaret show, with some of her talented friends (pictured from top left-Cyndi Lee, Kellie Wright, Carlo Driggs-Audrei with the Curves down front).
Let me tell you friends, this lady can sing and entertain like nobody’s business!  Great song choices like “Hard Hearted Hannah” and “Cry Me a River” with Kellie’s bluesy, toasty warm tones were absolute hits with the audience.  Her friends performed great songs as well and all were polished and professional.  Her band was awesome with Tony Bronco on the piano, Geoff Newman on stand up bass and Barry Farley on the drums.  They really sounded great-of course, Tony Bronco is one of our faves too! It totally made us excited for our performance on April 19th! And, as always, have a super curvalicious day and a fabulous week! 
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  1. >Thanks Karen.. I love you guys!!! and I watched the video my hubby took and you sound amaaaazing!!!! :)Kellie

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