>Finally! A 2009 update….

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Photo credit: lovinjazzinvegas blog
The Girls of Dangerous Curves with the Swing City Dolls.

Hello Friends!  Yes, its been a while, which may lead you to believe that not much is going on….NOTHING could be further from the truth!  In fact, we have been so busy preparing for shows, working on our marketing and licensing our CD for commercial release!  We have jumped on the twitter band wagon and you can follow our tweets at twitter!  

We have the Suncoast Hit Parade coming up next week on Thursday at the gorgeous Suncoast Hotel in Summerlin and the lovely Robin Vincent hosting.  Then, on Sunday we are making an appearance with the fabulous and talented Kellie Wright at the Flamingo Library Theatre.  She has graciously invited us to sing one of our songs and promote our show.  She will be doing her own version of jazz and blues that should not be missed!  
Our show at the Flamingo Library Theatre is Sunday, April 19th at 2pm and the tickets are $15 at the door.  It is going to be an exciting show with all your favorites and several new songs that we are so excited about!  We are going to have a live band and perhaps our new costumes will be ready!  OMG!  That just made me feel so excited!  Nothing better than a new dress and singing great songs with your friends!  We are so lucky, ‘cuz we really are friends.  Sometimes our rehearsals are therapy sessions!  We talk about life and love and kids and husbands and music and somehow it just makes things better to talk to each other. 
🙂  True BFFs!  Happy first day of Spring!

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