>Red hot girls at the Orleans!

In cd, dangerous curves, gigs, girls, singing, the Orleans hotel and casino on December 15, 2008 at 8:03 pm


Here we are at the Orleans just before we go on for the Newcomer’s Holiday Luncheon!  Before I continue about Dangerous Curves, may I just tell you that the Orleans was a fantastic experience!  The casino was sparkling clean and ALL of the staff, from the Valet to the Bell Desk to the Banquet servers and supervisor were all happy, helpful and fantastic!  Congratulations to the staff of the Orleans!
We did a brand new version of our show and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite versions! No new songs yet,  but I really liked the arrangement of songs-once we have our new opener up and running (no, I am not telling yet!) this show will really fly!  The audience was super and we are so grateful for the way we are continuously received.  These ladies were loads of fun and a fantastic time was had by all.
The other completely exhilarating thing going on with Dangerous Curves is the release of our CD “girl talk“!  We received a few the morning of our gig (thanks to Gret’s husband, Michael!) and we were able to sell them after the show!    Its just one fabulous thing after another with the girls Dangerous Curves!

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