In cd, gluten free, PF Changs on November 15, 2008 at 11:05 pm

PF Changs was the choice for the girls to have a business luncheon this time and yummy and great service it was!  A good choice for Lisa, since they have a fabulous gluten free menu.  And, of course, who doesn’t enjoy organic green tea!  We had a nice light lunch, with a major discussion on the order of songs on our first CD!  We are really getting close to its release!  This Friday was the last of the recording with Rob Hyatt, then we need to finish mixing and mastering with Chuck and then we do all the duplicating and CD artwork.  Lisa has been working on that and let me tell you it looks fabulous! Soon it will be available for purchase, probably close to the beginning of the new year!  Don’t worry, we will be doing a full scale release when it happens!  For now, we are concentrating on rehearsing for our next show, December 10th at the Orleans, adding new material (Andrews Sisters, Glen Miller Orchestra and more are on the short list) and finishing up the CD.  Whew!  Let’s go! 

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