>love the Friday morning meetings with my iPhone!

In Apple, Apple IPhone, Apps Store, dangerous curves, Fridays on October 25, 2008 at 10:25 pm

Friends of the curves, I hope you are having a super curvy weekend filled with fun and frolic and prosperity!  How was that for telling the Universe what you want!  In any case, just to keep you fully informed of the Curves doings, we have implemented a Friday morning meeting via our cell phones.  We decided to do this when we realized that half of our rehearsal time was taken up discussing the “business” of Dangerous Curves, i.e., what are we wearing for the next gig, who paid for what, new song discussions, web updates, well, you get the idea.  So, Lisa came up with the Friday morning meeting via cellphone so we can still be in pajamas if necessary!  This is where my IPhone has become even more invaluable than ever!

Truth be told, I have loved my IPhone from the second I held her.  Sleek, yet sturdy, beautiful in appearance and tons of cool stuff.  Mmmm, a lot like many of the fabulous women I know!  Now, with the addition of the Apps Store, I no longer miss my Palm Pilot. Everything I could do with my Pilot has been upgraded with the IPhone and even things I didn’t know I couldn’t live without (texting-I ADORE texting!, weather, maps, Evernote, ambiance) are right there at my finger tips!  Now, how does all this relate to Friday morning meetings with Dangerous Curves, you may ask?  Well, simply touch the phone icon and call your first person or they may call you.  Then after some nice pleasantries, touch the add call icon, your first caller is put on hold-tap your next contact-nice pleasantries-then the onscreen menu changes to Merge Calls (replacing add and swap) touch that and voila!  All exchanging pleasantries, drinking coffee, in PJ’s (or whatever) mapping out our next big curvaceous adventure!  I truly love all my apple stuff (I am writing and sharing this with you from my lovely Imac) as I believe it helps my creativity to shine.  And, if it helps Dangerous Curves further themselves down the curvy road to success…I’m in! Enjoy your weekend, fellow curves!  Check us out on myspace, facebook and of course at

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