>the show at Anthem New Song

In dangerous curves, girls, performing, singers on October 13, 2008 at 1:51 am

I dreamed of this moment in the throes of anxiety while getting the show ready. How good it will feel when this is over-how did we do-did I remember my words-on and on and on the dreaming went.  So, here I am, relaxing on a Sunday evening with Law and Order in the back round and the baby sleeping and a nice glass of champagne on the table next to me-writing this blog for you!

And, how did it go, you may ask?  Well, I think it went VERY well!  Yes, there were a few baubled notes, a few forgotten words, a few talk spots that need to be tightened.  Yes, all these facts are true.  Also true was the electric energy in the house, the moments of true harmonic bliss, three girls absolutely singing in perfect togetherness.  Moments of truth, told so eloquently by each one of the curves, sharing with the audience a moment of their private lives.  Sometimes poignant, sometimes funny, always genuine.  The audience loved it!  A fantastic show is beginning to emerge.  Look out!  The curves are at again and this time…there is NOTHING to stop us!  P.S. We also want to say a big thank you to those who bought a CD and for those who donated to the Alliance for Lupus Research.  Seriously, you are a yummylicious person and we adore you!  Now, did you really think I could make it through an entire post without a Karen vokabulary word?!! 🙂 

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