>The Summer Olympics are here!

In China, olympics, synchronicity on August 9, 2008 at 6:37 pm

>I love the Olympics!  It brings back memories of my family all watching and rooting for Team America together.  Such happy thoughts!  Then there are the atheletes…the sacrifices, the discipline, the hard work!  It is absolutely awe-inspiring!  These people, whom I don’t even know, actually make me work harder on my own personal goals and dreams.  Which is precisely why I have decided to watch the Olympics this summer.

You see, originally, I was feeling very self-righteous in my decision not to view the Olympics.  I mean, I couldn’t possibly support, in any way, a country that controls its population and does not value its women.  A country who does not support any of the freedoms we hold so dear, like freedom of the press, religious freedom and the aforementioned, reproductive rights.  If I were to support the Olympics, why then I must be supporting the whole ideology of China!  
Please, sometimes I think I need to have my head examined.  First of all, I now realize how patriotic it is to support my team, no matter where they are competing!  It is our duty to support them by watching the TV and keeping up to date on their victories, via the internet or newspaper.  It also occured to me that by shining the bright light of publicity on China, it brings these issues to the fore front of people’s minds.  I believe when that happens, the synchronicity factor kicks in! We are all talking about and thinking about these important issues and how to change them and make it better for the people of China.  I challenge you to think positively about the people of China, the issues they face and think of ways to improve their situation.  I challenge you to think about and pray for the leaders of China, that they take care of their citizens in a more democratic and spiritual way.  
Which brings me back to the original point.  I am watching the Olympics this year and praying that in my own personal way, I give spiritual support to not only my fabulous Team America, but also to the wonderful people of China.

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