>Free Time?!

In animal rights, child, fox news, stock markets on August 4, 2008 at 4:37 pm

>Good Morning!  I find myself with about 20 minutes of down time…..what??!!@#!  The baby is napping, the clothes in the wash, the husband still sleeping and I don’t have to get in the shower for another 20-so I choose to share this time with you!

As always, I have on Fox News as I am really trying to keep up with the stock market and finance news and, of course, election information, and there was a story about an animal rights group that attacked the home of a biologist who does biomedical testing on animals.  They have used pipe bombs, graffiti and even one on one attacks. 
Honestly, I am a true lover of animals of all kinds.  We raised horses when I was a kid and always had dogs, cats, rabbits, birds etc.  I regularly give to different animal organizations for the protection and care of animals and own 2 beautiful dogs and a cat (a cinnamon Chow Chow, a Keeshond and a Russian blue) and would have more if time and money permitted.  I do not agree with animal testing and go out of my way to purchase make up, groceries, etc.  that I believe agree with my views.
However, I must state unequivocally that I do not and will not support violence against human beings.  We must use our brains and our educations for these most difficult situations.  It seems to me that it actually invalidates the message of the animal protector.  I admire their fortitude and determination in this important idea!  But, we must behave humanly and not like those of our dear animal friends, for that is what separates us.  We have reason and logic on our side.
The activist may argue that is why they take such extreme steps, because the animal, with their limitations cannot.  I hear you and I applaud your ideology.  But, please consider that children were nearby and in danger of injury or worse.  I realize that one of your goals was to get the publicity many of you so richly deserve.  I just ask that you find another way.  I will support you, but not if you are endangering a child.

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