>Weekend Thoughts

In Borders Books, lap desk, Macbook, raw and organic food, weight loss on August 3, 2008 at 5:30 am

>Today is a great day in that my husband has the day off (not typical on Saturday) so we get to hang together as a family of 3, instead of the usual 2 with one at work.  Our first stop after lunch was Borders Books as we love to linger and walk around and enjoy the lovely anticipation of a new book or magazine.  I got “You Are What You Eat”  by Dr. Gillian McKeith and one of my favorite magazines, ‘Artful Blogging”. The husband got a writing magazine and a bargain book (something we absolutely love about Borders Books).   My book is, of course, about my all encompassing obsession with losing weight. I am really gaining interest in the raw food/greens ideology and so I am very attracted to those books. I feel it will be the way for me to finally conquer this personal problem.  But, it is slow going as it is not an easy thing to do.  I have just started to read this lovely, magazine-style book so I will give you a full review when I am done.

The blogging magazine is simply gorgeous and I am salivating to read through it so I am waiting for just the perfect moment of peace, tranquility and at least 20 minutes in a row! I am hoping for inspirational ideas for this blog to keep you interested and make it fun and creative for me,  too!  
By the way, I did tell you I would review fun things we have purchased and so at this very moment I have my Macbook sitting on a lap desk on my lap!  We purchased it from Target for under $20 dollars and it is fantastic! The bottom is soft on the skin and has a “cushy” feel and it has done a great job of keep my Macbook cooler than normal.  We found it in the back-to-school section.  We have also become big fans of the grocery store “Fresh and Easy”.  Very well priced, fresh and often times organic food and very well priced wine, always a bonus!  Have a super fabulicious day and stay positive in your thoughts and your actions!  

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